20 Grocery Savings Tips and Tricks You Can Use RIGHT NOW

Tips to Use Before Shopping
      1. Sign up for store loyalty programs. Often the store will send special “deals” to their loyalty card holders.
      2. Rest up and eat. Never shop hungry or tired as our emotions always play into the types of purchases we make.
      3. Plan meals ahead to structure your shopping.
      4. Keep your cupboard and refrigerator organized. You’ll buy fewer duplicates.
      5. Make a grocery list (based on #1 and #2) and stick to it.
Grocery Savings While Shopping
  1. Shop with a calculator. Helps when trying to stick to your budget or just need to calculate a unit price.
  2. Shop alone.
  3. Take your time. Expensive impulse purchases are easier when you’re in a rush.
  4. Avoid the inner aisles. Grocery stores are set up to make you walk past these aisles to get to the essentials. DON’T LOOK!!
  5. Buy only the minimum amount you need. Avoid deals that encourage you to purchase large quantities you don’t need.
  6. Look for manager’s specials (usually unadvertised) in the meat department.
  7. Stop buying bottled water. It’s expensive and not very “green” either.
  8. Buy prepared and prepackaged foods when it makes sense. If you have to throw it out because nobody eats it, that’s 100% waste.
  9. Get a rain check if a sale item is sold out.
  10. Keep an eye on the scanner so you can catch errors as they are being made.
  11. Pay with cash. Research shows this reduces the tendency for impulse buys.
Tips to Use After Shopping
  1.  Don’t go back for a forgotten item. You’ll spend less on gas and avoid more possible impulse buys.
  2. Keep your cupboard and refrigerator organized.
  3. Use what you have first.
  4. Freeze what you cannot eat.

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