5 Grocery Saving Tactics You Never Knew About

Pay Less for Filet Mignon

You can get both a filet mignon and New York Strip from one whole T-Bone steak. Every T-bone has a small filet mignon on one side of the bone and a New York strip on the other.  You can often save $3 to $5 a pound by buying the whole steak.

Beat Others to Punch on Markdowns

If you see something in the bakery, deli, or butcher department that is about to go out of date, if you ask, they will usually mark it down right then. They have to get rid of it anyway so you’re helping them out.  Also, find out when they usually mark down items. For example, most meat departments mark them down between 8-10 a.m.

Save 30% on Butcher-Trimmed Meat

You can buy one roast and have the butcher department trim it for different purposes. You can get cuts such as hamburger, stew cubes, strip steaks, pot roasts, and even soup bones from one large roast. Savings can be as much as 30%.

Save on Deli Pizza

The store brand deli pizza can usually also be found in the frozen food department, sometimes for almost half the price.

Beware the 10 for $10 Deals

Some stores will offer tuna that is regularly 89 cents per can at 10 for $10. Most people won’t notice the price is really an increase. It’s best to check the regular price.


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