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5 Grocery Trends to Watch For at Your Local Store

price comparisonThose who attended the Food Marketing Institute’s Midwinter conference last month saw 2 major themes driving current grocery trends: 1)marketing local, fresh products and 2)dealing with the digital future. Here are five trends to look for when you shop.

1. Seventy percent of all sales are influenced by information consumers find on the web. Even though they might purchase the item in a physical store, they are likely to find that info online first and do research online first.

2. Alternative foods are hot. Especially gluten-free, organic, free-from, etc) for example). These alternative foods are going to drive fresh.

3. Forty percent of nonfood purchases are projected to be made digitally by 2025.

4. Holistic health is hot. It’s no longer just about your physical wellbeing but your emotional and spiritual as well.

5. Other industries (apparel, footwear, for example) are changing the way shoppers are influenced.

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