Confessions of a Random Grocery Shopper

My name is Beth and I am a Random Grocery Shopper.

Sounds like a 12-step program confession, doesn’t it? istock_000004397927xsmall

I always wished I was one of those “Martha Stewart Moms” who would meticulously plan healthy meals, create a categorized shopping list, stockpile coupons, and save hundreds at the grocery store. But I never could master that. Maybe because I am not much of a cook and maybe because the baby chick has left the nest, but more than ever now I tend to plan meals, eat, and grocery shop in a fairly random way.  For example, yesterday, prompted by the first real chill of the season, I developed a hankering for my semi-famous Vegetable Beef Soup, so I immediately made a trip to the grocery store. Everybody does this from time to time, I know. But this is the generally the rule for me, not the exception.

I have Random Grocery Shopper Syndrome (RGSS)!!

What is even more difficult is that on top of being afflicted with RGSS, I also absolutely detest paying full price for ANYTHING, especially groceries. I am often distressed to find something I bought at grocery store A at full price was on sale at grocery store B, or something I got on sale at store B is even less at grocery store C.  It’s possible this is a carryover from being connected to very frugal people in the past and call me a cheapskate but even on a random trip, I have saved over $50 simply shopping the sales.

I am also NOT store-loyal. Over time I have learned that quality and price vary among the 3 major grocery chains in the Piedmont Triad, depending on what you’re buying, and I pass by several stores chains each day, so I generally focus on price over chain loyalty. I just want to know where MOST of the stuff on my current list (or whim) is on sale at any given moment.

And finally, I’m super-busy and will only make the effort to find the lowest price if it’s easy and fast.  If I have to spend too much time working on it, then saving the money isn’t worth it.

So, about half of the time, I end up overpaying because I don’t have (or take) the time to review and compare the sale flyers/websites. AND, the apps that claim to do this sort of thing are either extremely complicated to use or the sale price data is inaccurate.

Help for Random Grocery Shopper Syndrome

MaxMyShopping was developed to help others who have a need to save money but also suffer from Random Grocery Shopper Syndrome. Check out the video below for how easy and fast it is to find and compare prices across Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Lowes Foods in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina using our comparison tool. Later we will be offering a “set it and forget it” service to notify you whenever YOUR stuff is on sale locally. Subscribe to our All Free Access to use the comparison tool and to be notified when the new services are released.

We’d like to know what kind of Grocery Shopper  you are. Do you shop primarily at one store over others? Do you use coupons or other money-saving methods? Comment below and let us know.


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