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Greensboro Urban Ministry Serving as Primary Subject Matter Expert for New Triad Food Assistance App

App Aimed at Increasing Food Assistance Donations by Alerting Shoppers When Needed Items are on Sale

Greensboro, N.C., 07/23/ and Greensboro Urban Ministry (GUM) have announced an informal partnership to design a food assistance app that MaxMyShopping plans to release later this year. “We think this is a great idea for increasing food donation, both here in Greensboro and beyond, so we are happy to help,” said Christine Byrd, Director of Development and Communication at GUM. “This will really help the community to stretch their donation dollars and to make a greater impact with their giving.”

News story via MyFox8 – 07/15/2014

Greensboro Urban Ministry was approached to serve as primary SME because they are both a food bank and food pantry. Through its Food Bank, GUM collects and redistributes to its partner agencies good, edible food that would otherwise be discarded. Through its other services, such as the Emergency Assistance Program and Potter’s House Community Kitchen, donated food is also given directly to as many as one hundred and ten individuals a day. “The Urban Ministry has already been a great help to us. They have been invaluable in helping us understand how food assistance works in the Triad and which problems can be addressed by the app and which ones can’t,” remarked Beth Livingston, founder of MaxMyShopping. “We look forward to their continued input as well as that of some of the smaller food assistance organizations.” MaxMyShopping plans to release a beta version of the app in the Piedmont-Triad region of North Carolina later this year. The app will allow food assistance organizations to set up a profile of needs and then users can receive notifications when those products go on sale at local supermarkets. “We launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 15 to both raise the funds to build the app and as means to confirm that the community wants this app,” explained Ms. Livingston. MaxMyShopping’s Kickstarter campaign will end on August 15th.

About MaxMyShopping.comis a subsidiary of Rock High Development, LLC, a registered NC corporation. The website was launched in 2013 as phase 1 of the project to build a local app for super-busy grocery shoppers and food donors.

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