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How I Saved Over $6 at Food Lion With One Coupon

This is my account of how I saved $6.48 at Food Lion on a meal for 4 for $13 AND included 4 items for donation at the same time.

Why I Shopped at Food Lion This Week

In order to make sure I save the most money, I always use the MaxMyShopping Grocery Sale Price Tracker to see where most of the “staples” I always buy are on sale this week. Because both Duke’s Mayonnaise and Minute Mail Orange juice were both on sale at Food Lion, I decided to do the rest of my shopping there, based on the other grocery specials. Here’s what my Tracker results look like:

My Grocer Sale Tracker Results 06/07

How I Planned The Meal

Next, I used the MaxMyShopping Search and Compare tool to find the lowest priced protein, vegetables, starch and dessert that might go together to make a meal.  I included a short video to show you the steps and how fast it was.

Links to the Recipes

Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs With Cabbage and Bacon

Cucumber Onion Salad

The Grocery Purchase

Here is a photo list of the items I purchased.

Chicken Thighs – $3.10 for 4 lbs – I only need 2.5 lbs for this recipe or about $2.32 total

hot sale sign chicken  chicken on sale






Cabbage $1.23 for 2 lbs – I only need 1 lb so $0.62 total

Sign advertising cabbage on sale  cabbage on sale






2 onions = $1.31

Onions on sale at food lion  onions






Hormel bacon = $4.19

hormel bacon on sale







2 cucumbers = $1

cucumbers on sale 2 for $1  cucumbers









Chicken stock = $1.79

chicken stock on sale sign  chicken stock









5 boxes of rice-a-roni = $5.00 -$1.00 in-store coupon – these were $0.80 each! So 4 are going into the donation box. YAY!

rice-a-roni on the shelf  

The Bottom Line

Time to plan = 10 minutes, time to shop = 20 minutes

Although it is not ALWAYS true, if I had bought these same recipe ingredients at Lowes Foods or Harris Teeter this week, I would have spent $4-$5 more for this recipe.

cost details of how i saved at food lion



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  1. Just takng a little extra time before you go out the door to the grocery store will be a cost savings to your grocery bill if you check the website each time. A very easy habit to get into.

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