New Food Lion Grocery Bags – A Time-Saver

bluebagMaybe one of these days, we will be organized enough to buy – and remember to use – reusable grocery bags. But until then, we still ask for plastic, mainly because they make perfect “pooper scooper” bags when we walk our two little yorkie poos. A green approach? Probably not but I never remember to buy those little “poo-bags” at the dollar store.

On a recent shopping trip, when I asked for plastic, I found out about the new Food Lion grocery bags. For one, they are stronger. Great! Nobody likes a driveway full of groceries.

But the best part is, they put the refrigerated and frozen items in blue bags now.  This makes unpacking the groceries much faster and more efficient.

Who would have thought that the color of a grocery bag would end up saving me time???

Good Job Food Lion!

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