Senior Citizen Discounts – A Thing of the Past?

Older lady scanning newspaper for senior citizen discounts.
Many seniors are on a fixed income and must be cost conscious.

Senior Citizen Discounts – Blowing in the Wind

For as long as we can remember, almost every retail business, especially national chains, had senior citizen discounts. This was especially true of grocery stores and pharmacies, two places that seniors typically visit often. There are even entire websites dedicated to locating and listing all senior citizen discounts.

Because we are a site dedicated to comparing grocery sale prices and because a subscriber recently told us how she added the senior citizen discount to our suggestions to save even more, we decided we would compare the senior citizen discount at NC Triad supermarkets.

Senior Citizen Discounts at Triad Supermarkets

We searched the websites and sales flyers of all 4 supermarket chains we cover and here’s what we found. The comparison is easy because Harris Teeter is the only one that offers a discount (5% every Thursday) for those 60 and over. THE ONLY ONE!! It appears that Food Lion may have offered such a discount in the past but we could find nothing to indicate the program is still active.

One would think, with the expansive Baby Boomer generation now falling into the designation of “seniors,” many of whom may be on a fixed income, that the grocery chains would try and capitalize on that market by offering a discount. But such is not the case. Neither Food Lion, Lowes Foods, nor ALDI offer discounts for senior citizens at this time.

The good news is, if you’re shopping at Harris Teeter and you’re 60 or over, consider making Thursday your regular shopping day. That way you will get a 5% discount without even thinking about it. Well, you DO need to mention your age to the cashier! Most are too polite to ask.

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