How I Used Gift Cards to Save $75 on Groceries at Food Lion

Just before Christmas, MaxMyShopping posted the Food Lion deal that detailed how you could save $15 on your next shopping trip at Food Lion for buying $100 in selected gift cards. A co-worker who also uses MaxMyShopping mentioned how he planned to buy something at Bass Pro Shops for $400 so he bought that amount in Bass Pro Shop gift cards from Food Lion and got (4) $15 coupons – a total savings of $60.

Now I never would have thought of that – but it gave me an idea… I was planning to buy some gift cards for Christmas anyway AND I really needed new shoes – a LOT of shoes. So, I ended up buying $700 in gift cards.  Now, that should have been $105 in grocery savings but the only Visa gift cards that were part of the deal had a $5.95 fee. BUT – I did end up saving $75 – just for doing something I was going to do anyway.


So, even though I posted that deal, it took one of our super-smart MaxMyShopping subscribers to show me how to MAX that savings!!


There was a little bit of a “catch” in that all these coupons have to be used before 12-31-2013 but I am sure I can find plenty to buy before then!

Thanks Glen S!!! Great way to Max YOUR Shopping!

Sadly, this deal has ended but by subscribing to MaxMyShopping, you will be notified of more easy ways to save at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Lowes Foods WITHOUT using coupons.

Beth at MaxMyShopping


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